Who Are We

We are "The Rickos",

Which comprise of me (Ian), the father of the fam.
The lovely Jan, my beautiful and extraordinary wife.
My oldest daughter Bianca, her fiance Al and their son (our first grandson) Ethan.
My oldest son Beau, and his fiance Jessie (what a lovely couple).
My next son Adriel (smart, good looking and intelligent).
My youngest son Anthony (smart, good looking and friggin funny).
And last but not least Dee Dee the Jack Russell (looks like a white wombat).
And Lunatic the psycho Cockatiel (I mean, that bird is friggin nuts).

Thursday, March 29, 2007

March, what a month.

* March has seen us being blessed by having our daughter Bianca, and Alan, and of course Ethan, moving back down to Victoria.

Leo the Burmese cat has also moved in with us, temporarily.

Have a look at his georgeous photos.

* Ethan is growing up, literally before our eyes.

@ 11 weeks, we have seen him grow a total of 18 cms in

length, and packing on a kilo or 2.

Pehaps there will be some more photos coming up soon, but have a look @ his cute "Winter collection" photo, you can tell that his mum has just come down from QLD.

The last few weeks of March is seeing Beau (our oldest son) move into his own home.

* Beau and Jessie will be getting married within the next few weeks,
so this is going to be really exciting for our fam. (photos coming soon)

April Fool's day is seeing us participate in Beau's bucks turn. Something about Laser shootem up and Striker bowling. Thanks to Jessie's brother Jacob, who happens to be the Best man.